Strawberry short(cup)cake

Mmmmm strawberry shortcake is one of those foods that has summer written all over it. In Keenest style, we converted it into a cupcake.



2/3 cup oil

2 eggs

3/4 sugar

1/2 vanilla extract

2 cups flour

3/4 tsp baking soda

1 (or more) cups strawberries

powdered sugar

—- mix the oil, eggs, sugar, flour, vanilla extract and baking soda in a bowl. The batter should be firm when fully mixed. Put the cup liners in the muffin tin and then grab a small ball of batter. To make the bottom layer of each cupcake, use a roller to evenly roll out the batter and trim off any batter that does not fit in the bottom. You can also flatten the small ball of batter in your hand like I did. Place the layer on the bottom of the liner then add the strawberries on top of the bottom layer. Add as many strawberries to the middle layer as you like!



Add the rest of the batter on top of the strawberries to complete the cupcake. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes. When cooled, add powdered sugar for a little sweetness.


Also, make sure to check out King Arthur Flour when trying this or any recipe out. It is an unbleached all purpose white flour that doesn’t have the added chemicals in the flour making process. It is in most grocery stores in the organic foods aisle.

Ciao for now!


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