Father’s Day Mint Madness


This Father’s day, my dad and I celebrated with a nice summer dinner and mint. We made a classic cocktail- The Mojito- with fresh mint from the garden and limes. Oh my gosh, so many limes…

the Mojito

6 fresh mint leaves

6 limes

a tablespoon of super fine sugar

seltzer water

1 oz shot of rum

(mojito glasses)


Cut some limes in half and use a juicer to get the lime juice. We added more limes than needed, but you can use a minimum of 6 limes if you’d like. If you want more mint taste, put a mint leaf on the juicer while juicing some limes. Mix the sugar, rum, lime juice, mint, and ice in a shaker. Shake until you think it’s mixed enough.

In a mojito glass (or any glass really) add mint and ice. Pour the mixture over the mint and ice.

Top off with seltzer water and add a straw for further enjoyment. 


Card for dad.


Ciao for now!


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