Summer Trackz

Everyone has their summer jams and lots of people are sharing lists right now, so here are a few of my favorite tunes. Some are new, some are old, but I’ll still be singing them at the top of my lungs in my convertible.

1. Go Outside- Cults

2. Summer Breeze- Seals and Croft

3. Skinny Love (2010 Das Kapital Rerub)- Bon Iver

4. Liztomania- Pheonix

5. Sure Shot- Beastie Boys

6. King of the Beach- Wavves

7. Roxanne- The Police

8. We Found Love- Rihanna

9. Farewell to the Faregrounds- White Lies

10. Dominos- The Big Pink

11. Young Blood- The Naked and Famous

12. The Motto- drake

13. Roman History- Pet Lions (I went to HS with one of the guys in this band p.s. #nobiggie)

Ciao for now!


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