DUDE, Crazy Ivan


This past weekend was Lebowski fest in Milwaukee, where friends got together to bowl, drink White Russians and watch the cult flick The Big Lebowski. In the film, the Dude only drinks white russians, so in honor of the occasion I remixed the good old cocktail.

Original Recipe

2 oz. vodka

1 oz.  kahlua

fill with cream over ice

(low ball glass)

Since cream drinks can get old (and some of us are lactose intolerant) I decided to try a little variety like this…


and some of this


To create the Crazy Ivan

Crazy Ivan

1.5 oz whipped cream vodka

1 Kahlua

fill with vanilla almond milk over ice

dust with cinnamon


This was a great drink that could be made for a morning drink, or say a winter dessert drink. Go ahead and be crazy though. Try the chocolate almond milk instead. Try the cake vodka with regular almond milk or coconut milk. Forget the cinnamon and try nutmeg. The possibilities are endless!

But in all serious try the Crazy Ivan. You won’t regret it I promise!

Ciao for now!


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