Drinks/ Cocktails

Mary Bloody Mary


Let’s say it’s the weekend at 9:05 AM and you really want a drink with your meal. You probably think “Hey, it’s probably too early for a cocktail” so you justify getting what I call the halfbreed: the Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary

2 oz shot pepper vodka

dash of hot sauce

2 dash Worcestershire sauce

vegetable juice

Garnish: whatever you like!

With all of the “groceries” and the thick soup like juice it’s practically a meal right?  I would suggest getting a spicy vegetable juice if you want more of a kick. My garnish included breaded zucchini, green bean sticks and a cheese cube. You can add anything you like such as jumbo shrimp, grilled cheese squares, beef cubes, kale chips and asparagus.


absolut peppar vodka had more of a bite of pepper after taste compared to a spicy flavor I was hoping for. This was the only bottle of pepper vodka I could find, so if you are looking for a stronger flavor I would suggest a different brand.

Ciao for now!


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